Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Gosh dangit please don't let this be a necessity!

So we all know the 3DS has had its minor problems since its release...no good games, too high of a price, no one was buying or playing it...ok so they haven't been so minor. But it has started to look like the 3DS is getting out of a rough start to hopefully become an extremely solid system. I can't tell you how much fun Ocarina of Time was on the thing and with awesome titles like Star Fox 64, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 on the horizon I think it's safe to say the worst of the system is behind us. But now we have seen an image of that rumored extra analog stick attachment thing being built for the system and holy crap it looks freaking terrible. Honestly the 3DS was already right on the border of being too cumbersome to carry around in your pocket and there is no doubt that this thing will push it over the edge of comfort. Yes it will add a second analog stick and another trigger on the right hand side but oh my goodness it's hideous. I am praying that the games I'm interested in for the 3DS won't be designed with the extra analog stick in mind because I am not buying one. I understand the value of dual analog sticks, basically the entire realm of first-person shooters relies on dual analog stick controls but those aren't the games I look for from Nintendo. I'm sure they were already too deep into development of the 3DS when Sony announced that the Vita would feature dual analog sticks, and Nintendo probably realized that they missed an opportunity here. I wish Nintendo would just do the best they can with the system they put out and show some freaking pride in their product. This is basically admitting that they messed up making the thing so they need to sell a massive attachment for it to make it better. Anyways here's the pic of the aesthetically displeasing piece of equipment. God help us.

Oh and bonus fact. The awesome Legend of Zelda case which I bought for my 3DS would now no longer fit over the system. Fail.


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