Thursday, August 4, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Would you ever pay $15.99 for an iPhone game?

Well you might want to consider it. Today Square Enix has finally released the iOS version of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. It is the exact same version of the 2007 game that was released on the PSP with some improvements like touch screen controls and a save feature that allows you to save the game anytime. Now, to be honest I've never paid more than $1 for an iPhone game and I've only done that twice. But this is the first time that a full fledged game, previously only available on handheld systems has been released for the iPhone. To be honest if someone saw this game in the store for the PSP with a $15.99 price tag it wouldn't be a bad deal, but everyone will still say that it is too much to charge for an iPhone game which makes no's the same exact game. So anyways, if you're tired of the iPhone games that have you park a car or solve repetitive puzzles it might be worth forking over your hard earned cash for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

UPDATE: Early reviews for the game on the iPhone are not too strong. Most people are saying that the game runs rather slowly and the font is too small and hard to read. Tough to get into if you've never played the game before. As for me, I think I'll wait and see if Square Enix makes what sounds like are some much needed fixes to the game before I buy it.

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