Saturday, August 6, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: 25 years of a super awesome hero...that's a girl!

Ok I lied, one more post before I relax. 25 years ago today a game called Metroid was officially released. The hero, Samus Aran was extremely badass; boasting an awesome suit of armor with countless attachments including one arm that was a freaking cannon. Samus has since then saved the galaxy countless times in countless Metroid games and the fact that she's a girl is even all the more awesome! Beating Metroid Prime on Gamecube is still one of my greatest video game moments ever and I'll always remember an awesome cut scene towards the end where Samus is standing on top of her ship, watching the planet crumble in front of her. She takes off her helmet to watch as it catches fire and with her hair blowing in the wind it was the epitome of an epic video game moment. So here's to 25 years of awesomeness in the form of Metroid.

If you're so inclined, IGN has posted a neat video featuring the music of Metroid with clips from the games HERE.

Yup, this girl is way tougher than you are.

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