Monday, August 22, 2011

MOVIES: Will "Small Fry" be as awesome as "Hawaiian Vacation"?

I reported a couple days ago that a brand new Toy Story short would be airing before The Muppets movie on November 23rd. Since Hawaiian Vacation was so much fun when it showed before Cars 2, (thankfully because the movie was terrible) I'm extremely excited to get a brief encounter with the gang once more. Today Collider has provided us with a few more details about the short titled "Small Fry" straight from D23!

Basically: Buzz gets left behind at a restaurant and during his journey home meets some happy-meal type toys. One of the toys, a mermaid type character, will be voiced by Jane Lynch.

I'm excited not only because this short will no doubt be awesome, but also because The Muppets is sure to be a good time as well! See you at the theaters on November 23rd!

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