Thursday, July 28, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Nintendo 3DS Price Set to Fall

The buzz in the gaming world today has been the announcement by Nintendo of America that they will be dropping the price of their newest handheld system on August 12, 2011 here in the states. How big is the cut? Massive. Currently priced at $249.99 the 3DS is set to fall all the way to $169.99 in less than a month. Obviously Nintendo is suffering from the poor numbers the 3DS has shown in its less than 6 months on store shelves, coupled with the fact that the competing system in the Playstation Vita has been getting solid reviews, Nintendo had to do something to breathe new life into the 3DS. If anyone was on the fence about buying a 3DS this should be the nudge they need to branch out and get one. Also, with an impressive lineup of games on the horizon, the weak lineup that accompanied the system at launch is no longer a factor.

For those who had already purchased the 3DS they will not be forgotten. Now labeled as "Ambassadors" those who purchased a 3DS prior to the August 12th price change date will receive 20 free downloadable games. 10 from Virtual Console NES and 10 from Gameboy Advance titles. Some of those titles were announced today and others will be announced at a later date.

Announced Titles for NES:
 - Super Mario Bros.
 - Ice Climber
 - The Legend of Zelda
 - Balloon Fight
 - Donkey Kong Jr.

Announced Titles for Gameboy Advance:
 - Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
 - Mario Kart: Super Circuit
 - Metroid Fusion
 - WarioWare Inc.
 - Mario vs. Donkey Kong

It will be very interesting to see how this strategy plays out for Nintendo over the next few months and into the holiday season. As for me, I think I just found the first item to be on my Christmas list this year.

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