Tuesday, March 13, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Anyone want to give me lots of money?

Because the collector's editions (both digital and physical) for Guild Wars 2 have been announced today and they're pretty stinkin sweet! On April 10th, people will be able to start pre-ordering each version of the game. There are three total. The first is a digital version of just the game itself (probably what I'll end up getting). The second option is the Digital Deluxe Version! This includes the game and this cool in-game stuff:
 - Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill: Allows player to summon a wolf pet to help them in combat.
 - Rytlock Miniature: A mini Rytlock that will follow you around in game.
 - Golem Banker: For 5 days this dude will let you access your account bank from anywhere (odd that it's only for 5 days though).
 - Chalice of Glory: A one-time use item that unlocks PvP rewards and compares your progress to others. (Agin, odd that it's only one-use).
 - Tome of Influence: Another one-time use item that allows your guild to unlock vaults, emblems and other guild items.

Now those are all the bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Version. The third and final option is the physical Collector's Edition! This includes all the in-game bonuses from the Digital Deluxe as well as this stuff:
 - 10-inch Figuring of Rytlock: Exactly what it sounds like.
 - 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 Book: That should be pretty sweet.
 - Custom Art Frame: For displaying your obsessive GW2 self-made art.
 - Art Portfolio and 5 Art Prints: When you realize your own art isn't good enough to put in the frame.
 - Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD: For the one person who still has a CD player.

All three options will be available on April 10th and in addition to this stuff, anyone who orders early will also get Access to All Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events, three days of headstart access to the game and Hero's Band, an item that improves all of your in-game stats. The Collector's Edition will set you back $149.99 and no prices have been revealed for the digital versions. So what do you think? Will you be forking over the money for a collector's edition?


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