Friday, February 3, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Who wants to buy me a PS3?

So yesterday Gameinformer released the first exclusive screen shots from the newest game on the way from Naughty Dog "The Last of Us." The game premiered at the VGA awards and it looks to be an actual fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre. The screen shots are absolutely gorgeous and it's games like this and the Uncharted series that give me the greatest sense of PS3 envy. All three shots are from actual gameplay so it's hard to deny that this may be one of the best looking games ever made. Hopefully the way the game feels is solid and Naughty Dog can develop an intriguing story. Look for The Last of Us to hit the PS3 later this year!

For the full article and more Last of Us news head over to Gameinformer HERE!

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