Sunday, February 19, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Vita gettin some love.

As you may have read about a week ago, I've played the Vita for a short time in Gamestop and I believe it will go down in history as the system with the most potential, and weakest life cycle ever. The price is too high, the awareness too low and the timing couldn't be worse. In a world where almost everybody but the most hard core gamers rely on their smart phones for mobile gaming, there's barely room for the 3DS to exist in the mobile market, let alone the Vita. However, a key to the Vita's success will be third party support...a lot of it. Today Guy Longworth, the Senior Vice President of Playstation brand marketing, confirmed that the next iteration of the Call of Duty series will be coming to Vita. We still don't know what the CoD game will be (although I bet you 1 billion dollars it's Black Ops 2) but its nice to have confirmation that it will exist on the Vita. After spending time with the system, I have a feeling this could be a potential blockbuster for the handheld as the graphics are gorgeous and the dual analogs allow for a first-person shooter to work extremely well. No word yet on how it may interact cross-platform with the PS3 but I'm sure users would love to be able to create one profile that works on both systems. As fun as it would be to level up to 80 on two separate systems...

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