Friday, February 10, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Is Nintendo doing all the work?

Remember when the Wii came out? When Nintendo had the idea to heavily integrate motion capture into their gaming? It didn't work quite as well as we had all hoped, but Nintendo took a risk. A few years later, both Microsoft and Sony followed that risk after they had learned what did and didn't work for the Wii. With the Kinect and Playstation Move, Nintendo's top 2 competitors developed their own iterations of the concept that the Wii used. Today we have another rumor regarding the next gen Xbox which again suggests Nintendo paving the way. IGN has posted an article discussing rumors that the next Xbox will use touch screen controllers. Sound familiar? The Wii U will come out later this year with touch screen controllers. Obviously there's not meat to musings this early in the game, but I find it odd that Nintendo gets so much flack for having weaker graphics and such as they are consistently the only company willing to take risks that will actually push gaming forward. So yes, the Wii U will not look as nice as the next gen Xbox or PS4, but it's likely that both systems will borrow heavily from what does and doesn't work for Nintendo's next risk.

Check out the full story on IGN HERE!

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