Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Diablo III might have a console competitor!

So we've all heard the rumors floating around the Blizzard is trying to develop Diablo III for consoles as well as PC. I've always thought this was a great idea as Diablo is the obvious choice from the Blizzard canon to attempt a new outlet. However, they may not be alone. Today a conference call has revealed that Guild Wars 2 may also be in development for consoles! According to Guild Wars Insider, the console version would not release at the same time as the PC version since the PC version is already in its final stages. But it does sound like this is something that NCSoft and ArenaNet are working on. However, ArenaNet has responded to the rumor stating, "We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version, but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC"

Head over to Guild Wars Insider for the full story HERE!

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