Sunday, January 8, 2012

MOVIES: What the hell?

So the numbers are in for this weekend's box office and once again I'm saddened by how far society seems to have fallen. The Devil Inside not only took the top spot, it obliterated all the competition. The $1 million horror flick pulled in an astounding $34.5 million which put it almost $15 million ahead of second place which was Mission Impossible taking in $20.5 million. Third place went to Sherlock Holmes with just over $14 million and fourth place saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo taking in $11.4 million. Alvin and the Chipmunks grabbed the number five spot with $9.5 million. I hope none of you saw The Devil Inside this weekend for your own sakes. The movie currently is sitting at a 7% on Rottentomatoes and is apparently becoming known for its horrendous ending...although I'm not sure what everyone really expected. It's usually a quiet time of the year now as we wait for the Spring movies to hit. What are you all interested in?

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