Thursday, December 29, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Vita sales fail to stay strong.

Well the week one sales of the Vita were pretty good. I don't think they were as strong as Sony had hoped for, but they also weren't a terrifying call to concern like the early sales for the 3DS were. Unfortunately those numbers from the initial push were not only unable to stay steady, they absolutely plummeted. In its first two days in stores, the Vita sold a respectable number of over 321,000 units; not as strong as the PSP but still good. However, in its second week the system has only sold 72,479 according to Gameinformer. That's not good at all, especially considering that the system is less than a month old. I'm sure most of the hardcore fans in Japan were the ones who already purchased the device and it's likely that sales will stay stronger for a longer period of time in Europe and here in the US, but it definitely looks like the Vita won't overachieve.

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