Monday, December 19, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Vita release is strong but stumbling.

Well the initial sales of the Playstation Vita in Japan seem to be decent. Some locations are completely selling out of the Wi-fi version but most are left with just under half of their initial stock of the 3G devices. A number that's been floating around is that around 320,000 units were sold which is about double what the Vita sold on its initial launch. I still don't think these numbers are quite what Sony was hoping for and it will be interesting to see how the numbers compare here in the states. Also, there have started to be a number of reports about problems with the systems including things like the touch screens not responding (shown in the video below), difficulty linking a PSN account with the system and a few other glitches. While it's clear this is not the case with all systems, it does seem to be somewhat of a common occurence as Sony has released an official statement asking people to be patient. They also put out a list of steps to follow for the most common problems that people have been experiencing. Hopefully they fix everything soon and it would be nice to see the Vita find success. I won't be purchasing one in the near future as I'm more than satisfied with my 3DS, but the Vita offers some nice options for the more hardcore gamers in the handheld market. Will you be getting a Vita when it comes to the states next year?

For the full article head over to IGN HERE!

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