Thursday, December 22, 2011

MOVIES: They're giving Ender's Game a chance!

Well the final cast is taking shape for Ender's Game and it's giving me hope! Against my better judgement. Harrison Ford has been confirmed for the role of Colonel Hyram Graff who oversees all of the students at the military academy which Ender attends. Abigail Breslin has also been confirmed for the role of Ender's older sister, Valentine, who is at times the only person in the world Ender truly cares for. I love the relationship between the two in the book and I hope they strike the right chords on screen. Hailee Steinfeld, the incredible actress from True Grit who I still believe should have gotten the lead role for The Hunger Games (especially after seeing the trailers thus far), will be playing Petra one of Ender's close friends in the school. There's also a ton of great actors and actresses still in talks for other parts in the movie but the point is that big names are signing on and it looks like this movie might actually be getting the star treatment it deserves! Boy am I finding it hard to not get overly optimistic right now.

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