Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MOVIES: Be strong my friends!

So I just got a heads up that the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises which will be attached to the new Mission Impossible in select IMAX theaters this weekend has leaked online. I can't say I'm surprised. It kind of sucks that we live in a time where anything that people are truly excited about gets thrown all over the internet before its creator intended. So I urge everyone to refrain from spoiling the prologue and pay to see it in theaters this weekend! Not just because Mission Impossible is getting insanely good reviews, but because the thing that makes things like The Dark Knight Rises so great, is the painful waiting that we have to endure before we get to experience it. I remember the clock finally striking midnight when The Dark Knight hit theaters and that beautiful opening shot of the camera zooming in on the buildings as it pulled me to the front of my seat. I had waited over a year for that movie to hit theaters and the moment had finally come. Don't make that moment a grainy Youtube video while you sit alone in front of your computer. Make it f**king epic like it's supposed to be!

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