Monday, November 7, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Here's how to get an early copy of Modern Warfare 3.

Freaking steal it with tear gas and knives. Yea, cuz that's what happened in Paris over the weekend. So here's the story. Apparently a van was delivering shipments of Modern Warfare 3 to retailers in the area. This particular van was carrying 6,000 copies of what is likely to be the best selling game of all time. The culprits smashed into the side of the van and then proceeded to use tear gas and knives to subdue the drivers while they stripped the van of its cargo. This is insane. Like seriously, I can't believe something like this went down. I'm not even sure what they can do with 6,000 copies of the game only 2 days before its release. It's not like the police will now carefully track any early sales of the game through ebay, amazon, etc...oh wait, yea they will. This means the criminals will have to sell the games directly to consumers and they better have substantial resources to unload 6,000 copies in two days. Crazy. Anyways, the rest of us will have to wait until midnight tonight to get our hands on the sacred MW3!

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