Monday, November 21, 2011

MOVIES: A call to arms.

This weekend will be the second weekend for Breaking Dawn in theaters. Anyone in their right mind would predict it to come out on top of the box office once again. But today I say we try to win one for sane people everywhere. On Wednesday The Muppets return to theaters after a 12 year hiatus. This is Jason Segel's passion project. He put the Dracula puppet show in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which he wrote) to show that he was capable of bringing The Muppets back to life. A few years later he got the green light, signed Amy Adams, and got to work. Now his dream has been realized and it sounds like it will be glorious. Currently sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 22 reviews, it seems that the film is not just for those who remember The Muppets from their glory days. Let's be honest, the best times for The Muppets were in the 80's, before some of us were even around. I'm not pretending to be a huge Muppets fan who has been longing for them to return to the silver screen over the past decade, but I'm still extremely eager to see them! Reviewers say that adults and children alike will find something to love about The Muppets and, say what you will, but I believe these silly puppets have a hell of a lot more substance than Twilight. So I urge you, fellow nerds; while this weekend will be great for seeing families, watching football and consuming absolutely unhealthy amounts of food, it will also be good for seeing The Muppets. So get out there, buy a ticket, and let's knock Twilight out of the number one spot! Manha-manha!

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