Saturday, October 1, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Yay! Super Mario 3D Land Details!

I'm still excited for Super Mario 3D Land. It looks awesome with a combination of classic Mario side scrolling and the updated Mario Galaxy type game play. Also, it doesn't require the hideous extra analog stick attachment that some of the future titles for the 3DS will and I refuse to purchase that thing. But anyways, according to My Nintendo News, Nintendo Power has released a list of new details regarding the game and they get me excited! Check em out:

- Focuses on snappy action instead of exploration
- Nintendo Power never spent a second wondering where to go or how to get there
- Usually can press left/right on the Control Pad to move the camera and peek at the path in front/behind you
- All levels have a set of medals that you can collect
- Faint chime can be heard when you’re close to a medal
- Ground pound: L or R while jumping
- hold a button to run
- Touch a checkpoint flag to save your progress in the level
- flags are in every level
- Backflip: start by crouching (L/R); this game requires you to stay crouched for roughly a second before doing a backflip
- Can flip forward or backward
- Stopwatches add to your time
- Long jump: Jump while holding L/R
- Mario can wall jump and cartwheel jump
- Triple jump is gone
Tanooki Suit
- Continue to hold the jump button to descend slower than normal
- Can whip the suit’s tails at bricks/enemies
- Swing the tail while holding L or R to crouch
I'm at the point now where it feels like there hasn't been anything to play on my 3DS for a while after beating Ocarina of Time so I'm getting more and more excited for 3D Land as it's the next title I'll be getting for the system. Everything I've seen and heard so far only makes me want it more so I hope it turns out to be awesome.

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