Monday, October 17, 2011

GEAR: The 4S seems to be doing ok.

Despite people pretending that they were less than impressed with the iPhone 4S over 4 million have been sold in the first weekend alone! Yea, that's a lot of iPhones. It's a new record for iPhone sales and more than double the amount if iPhone 4's sold in its first weekend. Last night I got my hands on one for the first time and Siri was pretty awesome. There were a few times where she either didn't understand me or couldn't answer my question (they were pretty ridiculous). But I even said "I feel like pizza" and she located all pizza in the area and sorted them by distance. Later I asked "I want the best steak in town" and rather than order the restaurants by location she ordered them by rating. Definitely awesome. So good luck if you're trying to get one in the next couple of weeks because they're hot property!

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