Saturday, September 24, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Release date and price points for The Old Republic

Whelp, there's one more game we'll have to buy before the year is up! The official North American release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic is December 20, 2011. It's safe to say that this is perhaps the most highly anticipated game in a long time. Some are saying it will be the replacement for WoW but I don't think anything will be certain until we've all had a chance to sit down and play. I love the concept and I'm pretty happy with what we've seen from the game so far, but you never know until you actually play it. Purchasing the game will get you 30 days free but from there on out it will cost $14.99 a month which I think we all saw coming. You may also pay $41.97 for a 3 month package or $77.94 for a six month package saving you a little change. Will you take part in the MMO in a galaxy far far away?

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