Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TGS: Top news from the Sony Conference!

Well the Tokyo Game Show is underway and tonight was the Sony conference. Ryan Clements, one of the awesome people from IGN gave live updates from the show. The conference itself was pretty slow with a lot of time being eaten up with nothing but banter between executives and reveals of stuff we already knew. Although nothing too earth shattering was revealed we still learned a few new things about the Vita. If you didn't know I recently bought a 3DS and love it so I probably won't be fronting the cash for a Vita anytime soon, but they sure do sound sweet!

Here's what I thought was the top news from the conference!
 - Vita launch date in the Japanese market is December 17th! Much much much sooner than I expected.
 - The carrier partner for the 3G mobile network on the Vita will be NTT Docomo in Japan, AT&T in the US.
 - Data can be extracted from PS3s and PCs and put on the Vita.
 - Obviously existing PS accounts can be used on the Vita and things like trophies can be viewed across platforms.
 - Multitasking is a big facet of the Vita, i.e. posting to Facebook or Twitter while playing a game.
 - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be a launch title for the Vita. Basically the PS3 experience on the Vita with global fighting over the PS network.
 - Lord of Apocalypse an action RPG announced as a launch title for Vita from Square Enix.
 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on PS3 in Japan this December.
 - Final Fantasy X in HD will be released on both PS3 and Vita!
 - Bundle of Medal Gear Solid HD edition, MGS 2 and MGS 3 coming to Vita in 2012.
 - Zone of Enders HD coming to PS3 and Vita in 2012 in Japan.
 - Within the Vita's "launch window" however long that may be, over 100 titles will be available.
 - Most downloaded games on the PSP will be playable on the Vita so you won't lose those titles.
 - Pre-ordering begins on Saturday, October 15th for the Vita.

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