Sunday, September 25, 2011

MOVIES: The King stays on top.

This weekend saw a tight race for the #1 spot in the box office as The Lion King was projected to stay hot while Moneyball promised to have a strong opening weekend. Well it looks like The King has remained top cat in the box office with an impressive second weekend take of $22.1 million! Moneyball just missed the top spot with a great opening at $20.6 million. Third place saw Dolphin Tale with an impressive $20.3 million followed by the abominable Abduction which stole $11.2 million from 12 year old girls everywhere. The top five was rounded out by Killer Elite which grabbed an opening weekend total of $9.5 million. It's a great time to go to the movies and I can attest to the greatness of both The Lion King and Moneyball. Their top 2 spots were well earned for sure. The only one still on my list of must sees currently in theaters is Drive and I'm hoping to go this week.

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