Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MOVIES: Han and Leia getting hot on Hoth.

I know I've spent the last few days flipping out over the ridiculous changes George Lucas has been making to his original trilogy in the upcoming Blu-Ray set but today EW has posted a video that has nothing to do with Lucas getting his grubby little paws on what I love. The video today shows a deleted scene from Empire Strikes Back that is an extended version of Han and Leia arguing on Hoth before Han takes off to go pay Jabba a visit. I'm glad the scene was taken out of the original movie since it's a little too sexual for the characters at that point in time. It's still cool to see any extra footage that wasn't used in the movies. This is much different than Lucas going in and changing things to the films.

Check out the video at EW HERE!

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