Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Sounds like Playstation Home is becoming...awesome?

Ya, awesome. Sony has announced that they are completely re-designing the PS3's home that serves as a lobby, MMO hangout and chat room. They are shooting to make the hub a place that combines games, events and community interaction in order to make it a place that people spend a little more time. Some of the changes include:

 - A main Hub from which players can access games and take part in community activities including quests.
 - An Action District for the more serious players where players can directly access action and horror games.
 - An arena themed Sportswalk where players can not only access there favorite sports games, but can see live scores from professional sports.
 - A jungle themed Adventure District where players can access adventure themed games.
 - A Pier Park where players can play carnival style games, ride a Ferris Wheel and more.

I'm not a PS3 owner but it sounds like this will be a nice way for players to easily access what they love most about the PS3 in an interesting way. As of now it is set to go live this Fall!

Sony Redesigning PlayStation Home, Adding Quests, Themed Districts

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