Sunday, August 7, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Nothing interesting happened today.

Like seriously, no news at all...but G4TV has a video with a nice look at the combat in the upcoming (sometime) Guild Wars 2. From what we've seen so far I think the game looks fantastic. The first Guild Wars looked, and to be honest, still looks beautiful and by the end of playing it I thought that was one of the few aspects that I liked better than WoW. Guild Wars 2 looks like it will build on those already impressive graphics while adding a ton of other cool stuff to set it apart from other MMOs. Obviously the best thing going for it is the lack of monthly payments; you buy it, you own it...end of story. Also, regardless of what class you role it sounds like everyone will be able to choose how they help the group at least to some degree. I'm sure certain classes will be better suited for dealing damage, tanking, healing, etc. but it sounds like you won't be stuck with one of those no matter what. Still no release date for GW2 but I hope it gets announced soon because it sounds like it could be a massive success for the creative minds at's hoping.

Here's the video via G4!

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