Friday, August 26, 2011

PAX: Get ready! Here's some gameplay from Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

Kotaku, an awesome site for any gaming news, has been given a sneak peek at what the Counter Strike team will be showing this weekend at PAX and at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo and it looks awesome. Not only do we get to see the first trailer showing gameplay but we got a bunch of new details about the game! Man does the gameplay look great to me. It totally looks like it will feel almost exactly like the old game did and even the new graphics look great, but hold the same style that we all loved in Counter Strike. Not to mention CROSS PLATFORM GAMING. Yup, it looks like those of us with Xbox 360's will be able to face off against you PS3 lovers! I'm getting excited. Here's some of the cool details we heard.

New Weapons:
 - Decoy Grenade
 - Molotov
 - IMI Negev
 - Taser
 - Tec-9
 - Mag-7
 - Sawed Off
 - PP-Bizon

Classic Maps:
 - dust
 - dust2
 - aztec
 - nuke
 - inferno
 - italy
 - office

The trailer is below and there's a ton more information on Kotaku's page HERE!

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