Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MOVIES: George Lucas loves money...and ruining souls.

We love the original Star Wars trilogy...we hate the prequels. Then we hear all six films are being re-released in theaters in 3D, bleh, who cares. Lucas is constantly looking for ways to milk more money out of his franchise and today he has found one more. Collider is reporting that Lucas is going to be changing the Yoda in Phantom Menace from his original puppet form to the "improved" CGI form that we saw in Clones and Revenge. I mean I get it, it will feel more in line with the other two prequels and it will probably work better for when they hit theaters in 3D (please don't go see the prequels) but can't he just leave well enough alone? There is no way he still has hope that the prequels will one day be accepted so I can't understand why he would rather do this than spend his time and energy adapting a DVD/Blu-Ray of the original trilogy in their original state, you know, with Han shooting first and all that. Money. Money. Money. Eff.

I'm so sorry Lucas got his grubby little paws on you, old friend.

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