Monday, August 15, 2011

ADDICTION: Pottermore beta is underway.

For those of you that don't know what Pottermore is, let me enlighten you. Now that the world will never see a new Harry Potter book (with the exception of a possible Encyclopedia type thingy) JK Rowling figured she should do something to keep Harry alive so that billions of us wouldn't just jump off our roofs hoping that there's flying brooms in heaven. Well, that thing is Pottermore. An interactive website through which us Potter addicts can play games, be sorted into houses, make potions and much more. All of these activities are centered around unlocking additional information and stories about the world of Harry Potter that Rowling herself has written. Recently the site has gone into beta and 1 million incredibly lucky people are getting to be a part of it...I'm not one of them. But the people from Entertainment Weekly are and they've posted an article highlighting some of the magical treats they've experienced so far including:
 - Being sorted into Ravenclaw house
 - Being able to interact with other people in your house
 - Buying potion ingredients at Diagon Alley to make potions
 - Managing your money from your vault at Gringotts
 - Dueling other people with your customized wand and spells you have learned

And these highlights are simply from the limited content that is being released to the beta testers right now. So far only portions of The Sorcerer's Stone are available so it sounds like there will end up being a plethora of awesome stuff to do within Pottermore. I for one, am very very excited. The site is set to go live sometime in October and registration will be available soon according to Pottermore!

EW has the full story HERE

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